These shoes were born in the Northern Friuli Venezia Giulia region in Italy as sunday shoes, entirely hand made with recycled and waste materials. The soles were made with bicycle tires,  the insoles padded with seeds and grains while the uppers were pieces of rugs and fabrics scraps sawn together,   making every pair unique. THE ARTISANAL CLUB,  the brand behind their modernization,  combines   the artisanal  hand-made construction with a contemporary design language to create elegant, fashion-friendly   versatile pieces in an array of hues and high quality Italian fabrics in the classic  version, as well as in the  backless Mary-Jane style.


Made in Italy

Womens & Mens Footwear

_Milan Pre-Collection Spring Summer 2021 July 14 - Aug 7

_Milan Spring Summer 2021 Sept 1 - Oct 16

_Paris Spring Summer 2021 Oct 2 - 6


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