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SS25 PRE-COLLECTION / June 10 - July 19
SS25 MAIN-COLLECTION /September 9 - October 18

A few years ago, when designer Serpui Marie started her SERPUI line, handmade was a very rare asset. Through her vision and worldly background, the designer has been able to transform the concept of handmade into luxurious and coveted handbags that are sold at top retailers worldwide as true works of art. Serpui Marie’s diverse upbringing – born and raised in Brazil to Armenian parents - and innovative vision have taken her to the four corners of the world, searching for inspiration, but it’s always in Brazil that she finds her true self. By connecting with local artisans, researching unique materials and developing new techniques, the designer creates an exquisite selection of straw and wicker clutches, that have now become not only the brand’s trademark, but some of the best-selling handcrafted bags in the market.

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