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AW23 PRE COLLECTION / January 14 - February 10

AW23 COLLECTION / February 18 - March 10

We walked along the path of our passion, that includes style and fashion, always looking for the highest quality in our production

and with the objective of maintaining an eco-friendly ethic.

Four eyes see better than one. Four ears listen better. Two mouths talk and confront eachother. A sister is someone with whom you can multiply your joys and grow your complicity. Confrontation is enriched and the ideas multiply.

Our goal is to create glamorous, unique, researched and customized clothing items: #Non-Seasonal that last in time and go

beyond the extremely short seasonality that fashion cycles impose.

Elegant, sexy, comfortable and that “take your mind off dressing”, functional and easy to wear, perfect for any occasion.

Le Twins is Made in Italy

Le Twins’ production takes place entirely in Emilia Romagna. Having Made in Italy products is a confirmation of superior quality

but also brings higher production costs compared to other countries.
It is important for us to be physically close to our workshops, to be able to follow every step of the production phase side by side with our model makers and supporting one another.

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