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It all began 15 years ago, in the Souk of Marrakech. Fascinated by this place where shapes, colors and aromas blend, the interior designer Max Guadagno decides to bring the exhilarating atmosphere of authentic Morocco to homes worldwide. With him, the classics of the East are mixed with contemporary design and the heritage of craftsmanship. This is thanks to his profound know-how and direct collaboration with artisans of incomparable mastery. In the most diverse sectors, he creates handmade unique and eclectic collections, such
as the brand new "IRON GARDEN".BOULE CACTUS, AGAVE, PRICKLY PEAR and MEXICAN CACTUS are the queen succulents of the desert that can be positioned in any space since they areiron built.
These are also bespoke in an array of finishes and sizes.

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