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Womens Footwear

_Milan Spring 2021 June 18 - July 18

_Milan Summer 2021 Sept 14 - Oct 16

_Paris Summer 2021 Oct 2 - 6


Eugene Riconneaus is a young French women’s shoe brand, catering to independent, sophisticated and rebellious women in cosmos. The essence of brand value is Empowerment, Transgression and Transversality. The women of the brand Eugene Riconneaus are authentic beauties for what they are but not for what the society wishes them to be. Eugene Riconneaus empowers them to change the rules.

Eugène was born in Blois where French Kings and Queens have lived but growing up in a skateboard and underground culture. He reminisces about his origin and childhood by chasing elements from Château de Chambord, Marie Antoinette, Louis XII and so on in his own way. Royal traces can be observed in the “crown” on the back of Pumps to empower women and “silk” to remind people of Marie Antoinette who always highlights her neck with decorations adorned like a flower. 

Made in Italy.