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Womens & Mens Footwear

_Milan Pre Collection Fall 20/21 Jan 10 - Feb 7

_Milan Main Collection Fall 20/21 Feb 15 - Mar 15


These shoes were born in Friulian countryside as Sunday shoes and they were entirely handmade by women with recycling and waste materials, the so-called BLECS_THESLIPPERS. In the past the soles were made from bicycle tires, the paddings were created by burlap sacks from the carriage of seeds and grains, old rags and scraps of fabric were used for uppers and every single pair was unique. Besides being Sunday shoes, these booties were chosen by gondoliers of the Serenissima due to their rubber sole that would not scratch gondola floor.

BLECS_THESLIPPERS todays taps into the past by keeping glamour and tradition but it evolved to a design Brand with distinct and recongnizable details and features. It is a product fully revised in its shapes and wear patterns in order to look more modern and comfortable. It has a wide range of colours and mixes. Its design has been studied to meet contemporary needs and it has a clear concept: Italian high quality materials and 100% Italian manufacture are its traits.


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