June 18 - July 23

A.Bocca represents a new chapter, a path comprising of experience and passion in the footwear world.

It started from an idea of balanced artistic beauty, femininity and sophistication, with reference to the 60’s and 70’s eras, in a mix of contemporary vintage.Characterised by modern styles but at the same time with a touch of retro, A.Bocca gives a sense of freedom and identity, paying close attention to details and quality, without never space for suggestions and emotions.Through symbols and shapes studied in depth,The world of A.Bocca is based on the theory of transversal footwear, with harmonious shapes and heels that can be worn during different occasions of the day.The teal coloured lace detail on the back of each pair is the signature for all A. Bocca footwear.
With it’s unique ideas, A.Bocca is offering a great quality product that is entirely Made in Italy.