It is often during uncertain and struggling times, that people rise to the occasion to help others through unforeseen talent and disruptive creativity!   2Shield debuts today with a new line of glamorous mask-covers, combining Italian design and efficient protection in an accessory destined to become a part of everyone’s daily life.   Given the soon-to-be trend of face covers, masks will switch from merely functional to fashionable items, reflecting people’s personality and outlook on life. 2Shield mask-covers aim to transform the anonymity of a face cover into a strong statement of self-expression and personal style.   2Shield mask-covers might hide a part of your face, but radiate sparkles of hope to everyone. 100% hand-crafted in Italy, these mask-covers are made of high-quality carbon fiber and Lycra encrusted with powerful rhinestones and studs.   Available in a selection of styles and colors, these mask-covers are made of a skin-friendly and comfortable material which is soft, breathable and even suitable for people with sensitive skins. The 3D structure gives these items a perfectly ergonomic fit for any shape of face. 2Shield mask- covers are also washable, reusable, and pliable.   In addition to being a fashionable and powerful accessory to complete your look, 2Shield mask- covers offer a philanthropic twist. Every 1.000 mask-covers sold, a 10.000€ donation will be made to the Italian Red Cross Association, to support the relief efforts in the most impacted areas of Italy.  



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