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womenswear & menswear


0KuBe is a group of people with different skills, who work coordinated on individual projects, which we call capsules. It’s important that within each project there are different souls with different experiences, working together with a shared future purpose. We work with artists, graphic designers, weavers, producers. All connected by a common thread of ideas that represents our way of seeing the future. 0KuBe team has chosen to produce garments that are not disposable, but that can remain in the wardrobe for years and can be used in the long term.We don't tie ourselves to the seasons. But we create product capsules, linked to a basic idea, a thought that we believe it is important to convey. We do not overproduce but try to produce quantities that can be sold. Fashion for us is expression, it is authenticity in wearing a garment, it is a state of mind that we are presenting. Fashion for us is also an important piece of the society we live in.Each individual must eat, dress and live within his group every day. We see fashion as a social element that can convey change, can convey ideas.

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